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Cooking Luton

Having a family meal or getting your friends around to your house for a dinner party always seems like a good idea, however, can turn pretty stressful pretty quickly if your cooking Luton appliances aren’t up to scratch and start to let you down when you need them most. Imagine having your oven break down halfway through cooking a roast for the whole family, or your hob breaking down before you’ve even finished the soup appetiser! Here at Joe Graham and Son Ltd, we stock a huge range of different cooking appliances that come with manufacturer’s warranty so that you can guarantee that your appliances won’t let you down when you need them most. Visit us in our showroom today to view all of our cooking appliances hands-on or view our stock online by using the filters above. Similarly, call us on 0330 900 1966 to learn more about our stock.

Choosing to have a separate oven and hob combination over the conventional cooker is proving to be increasingly popular in most UK homes. Here at Joe Graham, our wide stock of hobs includes the highly economic and advanced design of induction hobs, plus the simplistic and reliable solid plate hobs. This means that you are able to choose a hob that is perfect for you and your cooking style. Similarly, if you have smaller worktops but still want to invest in a hob, we have various size available, so your new hob will fit perfectly into your kitchen without any hassle.

If you have decided on a separate oven and hob, it means you can move smoothly around your kitchen. However, the common misconception is the separate ovens have smaller cooking capacity than in a conventional oven. However, you’ll be surprised by the capacity available in the ovens that we stock. Our ovens are also available in a variety of colours and types, so you have the freedom to choose the perfect one for you.

Range cookers were previously introduced into UK homes as they were a good source of heat and great for cooking. However, due to developments in home heating, range cookers are now solely for cooking. They are not only attractive and highly durable, but also have a huge cooking capacity, which is perfect for those large family meals! They are available in a range of fuel types, including gas fuelled, electric fuelled or even dual fuelled so you don’t have to compromise.

A common sight in most kitchens is the basic cooker. However, with recent developments in cooker design and technology, we now have more attractive and reliable cookers in Luton that are capable of holding more food inside and on the hob. Many models also come with an innovative self-cleaning programme, which means you no longer have to slave away cleaning it for hours.

Here at Joe Graham, we are proud to have been dealing with kitchen appliances, especially cooking appliances, for so many years and have a whole team with a second to none knowledge on all things appliances. As a company, we aim to stock only the very best cooking appliances can guarantee that you will receive only the very best appliance when you choose to shop with us.

Don't forget to look at our range of star buys either, where we stock high-quality cooking appliances, hand-picked by our team of in-store experts!

To begin searching for your next perfect cooking Luton appliance for your kitchen, please be sure to use some of the filtering buttons above. Using these, you’ll be able to filter down through the different appliances we stock and compare our different models so that you can be certain that you are picking the perfect cooking appliance for your needs and day to day routines. Similarly, be sure to give our showroom a ring on 0330 900 1966 and one of our team members will be more than happy to answer any questions you have and advise you on exactly what you need. If you are local to Luton, be sure to take a visit to our showroom to have a hands-on look at our stock.