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Hobs in Luton

When it comes to kitchen hobs, there are four types to choose from that are readily available on the market today. These are gas, electric, ceramic and induction. Each type of hob has a different range of benefits which are all noting when you're deciding on what hob to pick.

Out of all of the cooktops, induction hobs boast the highest use of modern technology as they utilise modern forms of heating elements. Induction hobs make use of a particular way of heating pots and pans which makes speedy heating , perfect for any kitchen. Induction hobs use magnetic induction to heat pans with ferromagnetic discs. Cooking pots made of glass, aluminium, or copper, therefore won't work with induction hobs. Raising or lowering cooking temperatures however as a result of this method of heating is almost instantaneous, and much more precise than a conventional hob.

Ceramic hobs make use of radiant or halogen heating sources that pulse giving you your heating power. Compared to other hobs, ceramic has great qualities that make it a great choice for your kitchen. Ceramic hobs are also able to reach much higher temperatures which is great for those that need the intense heat in their kitchen.

Electric hobs are a staple in British homes, making use of cast iron surfaces that allow you to quickly cook up your favourite dish. Electric hobs are a lot safer than an open flame and are therefore ideal for a family household looking to childproof their kitchen, making it as safe as possible.

Gas hobs are a kitchen favourite and it's perhaps the most traditional form of kitchen hob. Whilst technology is fantastic and is the future of kitchen appliances, there is something to be said about the classic gas hob. Modern gas hobs feature integrated lighting control, allowing for a much more precise heating experience. Timers are also utilised as a safety feature that will cut the gas supply if the hob has been on for a certain duration of time.

Once you've got your heart set on your favourite brand and type of hob, it's important to measure the space it's going to be installed into. Available in various sizes, you’ll want to match your new hob to your existing unit so it fits perfectly into your kitchen without any hassle. We recommend measuring up your kitchen space prior to purchasing a new hob so it makes your search easy and avoids any problems during delivery and installation.

We are proud to be able to deliver and install our range of appliances in Luton and beyond 6 days a week, you can choose a day that best suits you and one of our friendly engineers will be at your door to install your new hob. Alternatively, you can buy your new hob online and pick it up from our showroom the very same day.