In this article, we take a really basic overview of kitchen appliances you can have in your home. Be that a dishwasher, fridge or an oven. These are all items that can be viewed or purchased at our kitchen appliance showroom near St Albans.


Let's Start with Ovens, Shall We?

There are many different types of Oven you can choose from, with the first decision being how they are powered, either gas or electric. Both types cook at different rates and produce different results so it really is a personal choice but also you may be forced into having an electric oven anyhow because of you gas supply restrictions so this must all be checked before you buy. Our experts at our kitchen appliance showroom near St Albans can help you with this.



With your matching hob, you can not only go for gas or electric but also not you can have induction hobs which are fabulous. Immediate boiling of water, much easier to clean, many with computerised displays for timing make them the choice for many when choosing their hob. You can view these and have a full demonstration at our kitchen appliance showroom near St Albans if you wish to.



With dishwashers, the technology is moving on all the time and there are now many more features for you to look out for if you are thinking of buying a new dishwasher. Many new dishwashers now come with really quick cleaning cycles, often completed in under 40 minutes. You can also now have totally flexible stacking systems to enable you to fit more in and also get better results. There is also some great noise cancelling programmes available for certain dishwashers so it's really worth talking to one of our experts in our kitchen appliance showroom about your new dishwasher options.


Here's an Introduction into the World of Refrigeration. I Bet You Can't Wait.

Lots of things can these days be refrigerated in purposely designed cold luxury. There are wine fridges, beer fridges, double door fridges, fridge freezers, worktop fridges, mobile fridges and even vehicle fridges. You can get all kinds of self-adjusting layout options now in whichever fridge you choose for your home. Get the advice you need at our appliance showroom near St Albans whenever you are passing. It used to be that the only fridge you could buy was the one with a single door and a little freezer on top which would only fit a pack of frozen peas and 2 ice lollies in and that the only other option was a chest freezer that could fit at least three sheep and a couple of cows in but needed its own room so it could fit. 

Not any more, you can get every size imaginable in the fridge world in either joint fridge freezer style or standalone appliances. Separate wine and beer fridges placed in opportune places to take advantage of summertime BBQ's are now a must. Frost-free freezing is now standard so no more opening the freezer to only be met with a block of ice with a leg of lamb in the middle of it that you have to hacksaw out.  

Digitally controlled fridges and freezers are not only the future but also the present.


Our Kitchen Appliance Showroom Near St. Albans

This article really doesn't do the changes in the oven, fridge and dishwasher worlds justice, so come on down to our kitchen appliance showroom near St Albans to see for yourself. Open seven days a week, located near St Albans. 


We hope you have enjoyed our small piece on ovens, refrigeration and dishwashing. Thank you for reading.